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34 East Holly St. Pasadena CA

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7 Nights per week
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Upcoming Shows

April 27th:
Purple Hearts, The War Toys, Frequency Within, Main Sail

April 28th:
*Special Guest Band (Secret Show)
Wizzrobe, Drac & The Swamprats, Mopods, JE Double F (NJ)

​April 29th:
The Standards

April 30th:
Tarah Who?

May 1st:
Hot Brothers, Tilted, Shuggie Shooter

May 2nd:
Women's Wednesdays

May 3rd:
​Soul Fuzz

May 4th:
Morrison & Co., James Poulos, Dylan Champion

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Hot Sauce Holiday - 

Hot Sauce Holiday 
the second Saturday 
of every Month.